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The UPCP/UFIPA congress !

UPCP/UFIPA 2018 Congress : 07 - 08 June

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UPCP/UFIPA 2017 Congress : 22 - 23 June
The UPCP Congress 2017 took place this year in Bandol, with the stationery industry (UFIPA) congress.
The delegates exchanged for 2 days in the prestigious hotel "Dolce Frégate" located in the middle of the beautiful Mediterranean landscapes.
Following the opening speech by Nicolas Potier, a conference was presented by the economist Philippe Dessertine on the theme "French economy between economic questions and structural opportunities: France's strengths in front of a global model change ".
The afternoon began with Pierre-Louis Desprez who gave us a presentation on "How not to end up like the Christmas turkey? Innovate to make it out »
Then 2 hours were dedicated to discussions between the participants on various issues.
The next day, the general assemblies of the branches were held, followed by the closing speech of this congress.
UPCP/UFIPA 2016 Congress : June 23

The UPCP 2016 Congress, which has returned to our beautiful capital, was this year joined with the stationery industry (UFIPA) one.
Manufacturers and distributors shared in the prestigious Louvre and its surroundings.
After the UPCP general meeting and Nicolas Potier's opening speech, Didier Damerval presented us the numbers of the 2015 study of the sector .
Then we welcomed Jack Lang who leaked us the secrets of the Louvre Pyramid.
The afternoon began with Maximilian Brabec who explained how to find new deposits of performance.
Then Followed the debate "the floor is yours" which discussed future projects of UPCP.

2015 Congress : 20 - 22 May

The UPCP Congress 2015 took place in Biarritz, where the postcard and greeting card professionals met.
After the opening speach of our president Mr Bernard Bouvet, the world market of the postcards and greeting cards was approached with a study presented by Mr Carette.
Then the actions and the project of the UPCP and the « La Semaine de l’Ecriture » 2015 assessment, were presented.
A big part of the afternoon was dedicated to « la parole est à vous » and then to a debate on the future of our Professional Union.
The next day begun by a gathering of opinions, then the General assembly which ended the 2015 UPCP Congress.

2014 Congress : 22 - 24 May

After two years at Paris, the UPCP Congress 2014 took place in Périgueux where a lot of professionals met. The President, Bernard Bouvet, after having welcomed the congress participants, handed over to GFK who revealed us figures on the evolution of our market for year 2013. The actions and the projects of the members of the guiding office was then presented.
A big part of the afternoon was dedicated to "la semaine de l’écriture", which was a real success last October. The version 2014 is in course of elaboration.
Then a debate " questions / answers " on different subjects followed.
The next day begun by a gathering of opinions, then the General assembly which ended by the election for 2 years, of the president and the members of the guiding office.

2013 Congress : 22 - 23 March

Once again Paris welcomed this year the UPCP congress with many professionals.
After the presentation of the actions and projects, in particular "La Semaine de l'écriture, l'Emotion s'écrit" sponsorised by Patrice Laffont, Maître Masson, from the Cabinet Fidal developed on the Intellectual property laws.
The next day, GFK revealed the evolution of our market in 2012.
Finally, took place the General Assembly.

2012 Congress : 16 - 17 March

Paris welcomed this year the UPCP congress which took place in the prestigious hotel Régina with many professionals.
The Congress programme : presentation of the project "La Semaine de l'écriture, l'Emotion s'écrit" planned in September, 2012. Then Christophe Médici developed on the communication High Relational Quality.
The next day, GFK revealed the evolution of our market in 2011.
Finally, took place the general assembly where, this year, took place the elections of the UPCP president and the renewal of the council members.

2011 Congress : 25 - 26 - 27 May

We thank Michel Jolyot for the excellent organisation of the 2011 Congress, at Reims, the city of Champagne.
Delphine Kosser-Glories from the CGI started the meeting with the different points of the commercial reglementation concerning deposit sale. Then Nicolas Bouzou exposed how PME can adapt itself to the actual economic context.
Claire Georges has then explained how to set up an approach of sustainable development in our companies.
After having exchange on the futur projects of the different comissions of UPCP, GFK revealed to us the different statistics on the evolution of our market.

2010 Congress : 2 - 3 - 4 June
At Lille, we have talked about :
- The graphic chain optimization with digital technology (Ecole des Gobelins).
- The new Statutory obligations for 2010 (Confédération Française du Commerce Interentreprises).
- The Sustainable development and its different labels and certifications.
2009 Congress : 3 - 4 - 5 June
At Paris, our lovely capital, Antoine Gachet exposed the GFK methodologie for the market study that UPCP would like to start. Then , Elisabeth Laville (from UTOPIE) talked about sustainable development and the use, in the futur, of normalising our different products.
Afterwards, the CGI talked about the industry agreement concerning the economic modernisation law. Then, a juridical intervention on the reproduction troubles of monuments in the public domain.
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2008 Congress : 14 - 15 - 16 May
At Lyon we worked on :
- "The secrets of trade excellence".
- "Long term development".
- "Settlement time limits harmonisation ".

Was presented:
- UPCP's new website.
- A selection of promotional campaigns.
- Maître DUCREY's lookout on Law evolutions.
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2007 Congress : 23 - 24 - 25 May
At La Baule with Maître DUCREY we talked about Photography Law's evolutions.

During two half-days managment techniques were developped by :
- MARC HALEVY: "Are you a-Neomanager?" or how to-developpe talents.
- FRANCOIS AELION:-"Managment charisma" how-to mobilize your staff.
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2006 Congress : 17 - 18 - 19 May
At Albi, TOULOUSE LAUTREC's land was presented:
- The postcard market researche made in 2005.
- "Differentiation strategy" by Mr BRABEC.
- The current legal cases and their evolutions, by Maitre DUCREY.

We also elected a new General Manager and renewed the Council.
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2005 Congress : 11 - 12 - 13 May
At Avignon, the Pope's city, talks were given on :
- The results of the research on "Postcard observatory" and the market's evolution facing the Web competition
by the I+C Institut.
- "The strategies of value creation"
- The current legal cases and their results against the more and more plaintiffs,
by Maitre DUCREY.
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2004 Congress : 12 - 13 - 14 May
At Beaune, this time greeting cards are in the place of honor. Was presented :
- An analysis on purchasing behaviour and its evolutions on the market.
- Legal informations on the market participants and the current legal cases
by Maitre DUCREY.
- "La Poste" who starts selling cards.

We also renewed the Council.
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2003 Congress : 21 - 22 - 23 May
At Colmar, in the middle of the Alsace, we talked about :
- Tourism, its new flows, new consuming ways and expectations.
- The "all digitall" coming out : Views, reproduction, good and bad points.

Was presented :
- At last, the first tablet PC for "CRM" and its contribution in our Industry.
- Legal report on Photography
Law by Maitre DUCREY.
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