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................................The postcard market

The postcard market

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In 2015 the consumption of cards products amounted to 354 million euros.

Compared to 2013, this consumption remained stable, a more favorable development than the consumption recorded by the entire stationery market (-1.5%).

Households constitute the main clientele of the card family products, since corporate clients are occasional by purchasing greeting cards at the end of the year.

At the retail level, retailers are in first place, accounting for 43% of sales, followed by supermarkets and hypermarkets (26.5%) and a variety of distributors consisting of tobacco, souvenirs, hotels, museums , Charitable organizations ... (25%).

In 2015, purchases from publishers and publisher-distributors amounted to 163 million euros.

Le marché de la carterie se compose de :



CARDS FANTASY COMMUNICATION (messages, artistic, themed, humorous)



GIFT PACKAGING (paper, bolducs, sacherie)


CONVIVIALITY AND CIVILITIES (invitations, announcements, menus)

ALBUMS (albums and picture frames, stamps, diaries, ...)

The distribution :

Sales according to the nature of the distributors:

Chart 1 - Breakdown of sales by type of distributor

Graphique n° 1 - Répartition des ventes selon la nature des distributeurs

At retail level, retailers rank first, accounting for 42.5% of sales. Among these distributors, bookstores-paper-presses, including specialist card-making shops, are predominant with a turnover on this family reaching 93 million euros. Sales of paper mills amounted to 42 million euros.

Supermarkets and Hypermarkets accounted for 26.5% of sales, with nearly two-thirds of this activity coming from hypermarkets and one third from other points of sale, supermarkets and popular stores.

The "miscellaneous" circuit, which includes tobacco, kiosks, coffee shops, souvenir shops, museums and charities, accounts for 25% of sales in this family of products.

With family customers representing the main outlet for carteries, the place of the suppliers remains marginal with a market share of 5.5%.

Supermarkets and Hypermarkets sales :

Graphique n° 1 - Répartition des ventes selon la nature des distributeurs

In 2015, sales of Supermarkets and Hypermarkets represent € 94 million. Nearly two-thirds of this turnover is allocated to hypermarkets and more than a third to supermarkets and other outlets.

Over the recent period, sales of hypermarkets have been less favorable than those of other outlets; But over a longer period, hypermarkets showed a much more favorable increase in their card shop sales than supermarkets and other outlets (+ 51.5% for the former and 21% for the latter).

Publishers-Broadcasters and Broadcasters

The sales of publisher-distributors and card providers in the French domestic market amounted to 163 million euros in 2015.

Retailers accounted for 38% of publishers 'and distributors' sales and represented their main market.
They position themselves before the Supermarkets and Hypermarkets and the "miscellaneous" group, which receive 31.5% and 25% respectively in the turnover of publishers-broadcasters and broadcasters.
Suppliers and office specialists remain a more marginal outlet, accounting for only 5.5% of sales.

Graphique n° 2 - Répartition des ventes des Editeurs / Diffuseurs selon les circuits de distribution

Graphique n° 1 - Répartition des ventes selon la nature des distributeurs

* Source Institut I+C

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